Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jane Lynch covers "Vogue" Scared of her, she's FANTASTIC!!

Alright, so I'm not the HUUUUUUUGEST fan of Fox's runaway hit Glee, but holy moly, Jane Lynch TEARS IT UP in this remake of Madge's iconic vid 'Vogue'!! She's hilarious in this promo for next week's episode...

I have been, however, a huge fan of Jane Lynch since the good ol' Christopher Guest years.  Fav Jane Lynch quote:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wanna Buy a Week With Anna Wintour?

It'll set you back a smooth 17,500 bones, and offered by Anna herself.  Too much? Alright how 'bout dinner w/ Vera Wang and a $10,000 credit to her store for $15,000?  Still no dice? Well then, what about a bespoke suit, custom fitted by Stella McCartney for only $7,500? No?

Hmmm. Weird. is teaming together w/ Vogue to raise funds through an auction for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights,  and these were only a few item on a list of straight drool-worthiness up for grabs in honor of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary.

If your tastes are more Italian, how about two front row tickets to Missoni's next show, PLUS lunch and a fitting with Angela Missoni? Oh, were you really looking for all balls-out glamour?  You can snag a fitting with, and dress from, Armani for next year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party–because the winner gets two tickets to that, too.

Oh, fashion peeps. How I hate each and everyone of you...




Okay, not really....  BUT, my "I'm a gay little kid, so my dream grandmother is Angela Lansbury" Grammie sure did!  No, but really.  I used to pretend she was my grandmother.  Cause she's FABULOUS.  Her outfits in her older gigs?  Ummm, FEATHERS and SEQUINS.  'Nough said, I know all my 'moes out there got my back...

Any-howdidmymothernotknow, the screen SLASH stage SLASH anywhere she wants to act because she's fucking ANGELA LANSBURY legend was honored by the Signature Theater as the first recipient of the Stephen Sondheim award at a black-tie gala in the Embassy of Italy (NYC). The award is named after Stephen Sondheim, an accomplished and critically acclaimed composer linked to some of Broadway's most well know shows, and it honors a performer's contributions to interpreting, supporting, and collaborating on Sondheim's musical works

And get that 'Murder, She Wrote' and Mrs. Potts shit outta your head, cause this bitch can WORK.  Her professional life spans more than a half-century during which she EXPLODED all over the performing arts world, first as a star in motion pictures (what am I, 90yo?), then as a five-time Tony Award-winning Broadway musical star. Two of my Grammie's Tonys are for Stephen Sondheim musicals: the role of Mama Rose in the revival of Gypsy (1974) and her RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING version of Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd (1979).

Seriously, though. As a kid, I used to sit and watch this woman CRAZY-IT-UP in movies like Gaslight and The Manchurian Candidate (the OG, not  that Meryl/Denzel/Leiv shit).  Not to mention the HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of times I've watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks, lost in a world chalked w/ techicolor waves of 'magic' and creepy ass bookkeepers, thinking to myself,  "If that bitch were MY Grammie, I'd work it OUT.  We'd sing and dance and be fabulous all the time, and she'd cast spells on my bed to make to fly and shit, all the while controlling the mind of a young soldier to murder the President of the United States of America..........." (see: The Manchurian Candidate.  This is NOT a plot take out Obama)

That's normal for a 6 year old to think, right? ....Right? ....RIGHT?

Oh screw you, she's FAB and getting an award.  AND SHE USED TO LOOK LIKE THIS:
via ONTD

Tilda Swinton on the cover of Dazed and Confused

YAOW! Chameleon SLASH genius actress Tilda Swinton graces the double-covers of Dazed and Confused for our eyes delight and, more importantly, because she has a new gig coming up, the film 'Io Sono L'amore' (I Am Love), due to wow Italian audiences March 19, 2010.

Isn't she gorgeous?  I mean, you can stare at this cover for HOURS... She looks like a man, but a woman, but a man, but a woman... I've very confused.... DAZED AND CONFUSED! HAA!  ....okay so that was mega obvious, SHOOT ME.

Look for her mug(s) on newsstand shelves May 2010...

Monday, April 12, 2010

'Kate Moss Myth' Canned

Well I mean, THAT sucks...  The “Kate Moss Myth” exhibit, an all-things-Kate exhibition at Les Art Decortifs, was supposed to go up this year in the private, non-profit museum in Paris, France.  It was postponed until next March, and now they’re canning that shit altogether.

Despite the fashion world’s love of every glittery thing that Kate Moss shits out, the not for profit museum’s had a bitch of a time finding a corporate sponsor for the exhibition.  PR for the museum, which has housed retrospective installments for Balenciaga, Madeleine Vionnet and Christian Lacroix, said this to Woman's Wear Daily:
Cultural patronage is never a priority for companies [oh, hell naw!], but given the wide range of companies Kate’s worked for, from Nikon to Chanel, Virgin Mobil to Dior and the heaps of money each and every one has made off of the supermodel, we’re surprised no one’s stepped up to attach their name to the exhibition."
Alright L.A.D.,. I mean come on.  It's a tad bit early have anything called the Kate Moss "myth" OR have anyone take a stroll down her ‘long’ career—the bitch is only only 36–so it makes me wonder what the hell they put on display, anyhow

Yah.  SHIFTY.   

Hey Les Art Decortifs? Hollah at a bitch when you put the entire contents of Katie's closet over the last 20 years on display. Cause when you do, the money, and the peeps, will be coming in fucking floods.  TRUST.

via  ElleUK

Natalia Vodianova in Vogue Paris

Peep these pics of Russian model Princess Natalia in a tragic-princess themed shoot for Vogue Paris.  Queen of the supermodels Natalia Vodianova has been quickly gaining props amongst the fashion elite, and she has been dubbed ‘Princesse Natalia’ in Vogue Paris' April 2010 editorial.

The impressive editorial features the brunette goddess working the hauteness in jewel tones, slammin' accessories and makeup fit for royalty.  The ‘Princesse NataliaVogue Paris spread was shot by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, and the Russian beauty, who was styled the fabulous
Carine fucking Roitfeld herself (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), works pieces from Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.

Still no clue who this Natalia chick is? Well, lemme tell ya.... See more pics a deets on Natalia Vodianova in the jump!

iamamiwhoami Music Video- "O"

I don't even know where to begin w/ this...

So this is the video for "O" from the anonymous  group (yes, we really don't know who they are) calling themselves iamamiwhoami...  The song sounds like a Bat for Lashes record, mixed w/ a little Kate Bush, and a shot of The Knife.  VERY, interesting... GOOD, but interesting... 

ZERO is known about them except that it's rumoured the woman featured in their videos is Jonna Lee, a 29 year old Swedish musician.  Like I said, mega mystery, so I'mma do my best to fill you in... More info about iamamiwhoami in the jump...

Click the jump to read more, and see some clips!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

He's BACK! My fav gaysian lip sycs "Bootylicious"

I mean, how could you not LOVE this kid?

Seriously.  Put the haterade away, and actually WATCH this shit.  He KILLS it.  We should start submitting lip sync requests to this guy...

Think: THE ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK TO THE 1997 GEM "SPICE WORLD" by the Spice Girls.  I'd sell my first child your first child to see that. True shit.

via YouTube

And THIS is why I heart Lady Gaga

Mama Monster strikes again... Peep this shit out:
Gaga was at the Intercontinental Hotel in Adelaide, Australia, when she walked past the ballroom where the reception was in full swing. ­Courtney, a big fan, spotted her and screamed: ‘Wow! It’s Lady Gaga.’
A guest said: ‘Gaga looked across at Courtney and put her hands up to her face in a camera-clicking mime, as if to say, ‘Do you want your photo taken with me?’ Of course Courtney said yes and Lady Gaga came in, kissed her on the cheek and happily posed for pictures. She lined up with the bride and her flower girls for an unforgettable ­photo.’
Later that night, Gaga caught up with the wedding party again in the bar. ‘She shouted, ‘everyone, a round of drinks,’ said a friend. And her parting shot for the couple before she finally left was: ‘Have good sex!’”

WTF, I would have DIED!  Okay, Gags.  Get your ass over here, and take pics w/ ME.  Are you kidding me?  I would absolutely rent a tux for that.  What am I saying, I'd rent the damn wedding dress for that shit.  Hello, Men's Warehouse?  Are you there?

via Gaga Daily (yes i go to DAILY, and no I don't wanna talk about it)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why don't we have MSGM in the states again?

Prada Cervo toteMSGM coatMSGM cardi (which matches the cell case, btDUBs).


Peep MSGM S/S 2010 and MSGM A/W 2010

Oh and as always, feel free to buy me EVERYTHING.

Love, MrP

via TheSartorialist

Get her, Nicki. Get her.

So apparently this whole Rihanna/Ke¢ha/Nicki Minaj(hey gurrl) "Last Girl Alive...or Standing...or Around... or something like that" Tour, aka "Rihanna needs money and Ke¢ha needs to be liked", got a little more complicated than the studio execs thought it would.

A source close to Young Money, Nicki's man-crew, says that shit got ugly when Rihanna demanded that the breakout female rapper either be the opening act, or be removed from the tour completely.  An insider source close to the tour says this:
“No one [in Rihanna's camp] is panicking yet, but there is DEEP concern that Rihanna has peaked, and is on the downside of her music career. Nicki [Minaj] was brought in to sell tickets, but Rihanna did NOT want her on. Nicki is not an opening act, and we would never put her out there like that.”
This insider also had this to say about what went down when Nicki Minaj (hey gurrl) PERSONALLY called Rihanna upon receiving news that she was yanked:
“I only heard one side of the conversation, but [there] were a lot of curse words thrown back and forth.”

Throw in the Towel: Friday April 9, 2010

And now there's gonna be a Persian Version? Good lord.  via ONTD

SPEAKING OF: I mean. It's kinda hot. Kinda. Okay, just kidding it's totally hot. via DListed

Whoa, okay Ice T.  "Hot bowl of Dick"? Really? Calm the fuck down... via BuzzFeed

Lady Gaga's meemaw will CUT a bitch for muff diving. via ShowBizSpy

Okay, now this would make ME cut a bitch. Sorry, Mischa! (I can't believe I just apologized to her)  via TFL


If Mama Monster was NOT famous today... (ooh that's 2 LG stories today. YAOW!) via BF 

No Arrested Development movie? WHY you would SAY that to me? via ICYDK

I mean, you can't blame Tiger.  Who DOESN'T use their iPhone for  porn? via TMZ

Throw it in, Sarah Palin.  Not good when Obama basically calls you can idiot... via Betty Confidential 

OMFG! Ke¢ha gets worked over by a GAYSIAN!

HOLY SHIT!!! Are you KIDDING me??? YOU. MURDERED. IT.  Scared of YOU! 

Ke¢ha, you should be sad, bitch, cause you got WERQ'D OVER!

Fav person on the planet. Throwing in the towel.  You win.  Hands down. FOREVER.

via Youtube

Gweneth Paltrow hates everybody. True story.

Alright so maybe not EVERYBODY.  I've seen that show w/ Mark Bittman, Mario Batalli, and that spanish chick that I can't figure out who the hell she is.  They travel around Europa in their drop top Benzies, drink fabulous wine, and watch Gwennie Gwen Gwen sneer at, and try to control vomiting on, regional delicacies.

Dumb snooty bitches. I hope your car gets a flat tire, and your wine is corked, and they serve nothing but McDonald's in Europe for the rest of your trip.

What are you staring at? I am NOT jealous.

Okay, maybe I am................................................. SHUT UP.

Any-jealousrantcauseshe'skindafabulous, Gwen talked smack earlier this month about a former bestie (Madge, most likely) and now she's doggin' on the food in Nashville, TN in her interview w/ Harper's Bizarre.

I have to say, though, she looks pretty smokin' hot in some of these pics... Read the whole interview HERE...

via Harper Bizarre

Corin Tucker's First Solo Album After Sleater-Kinney

In March of 2009, singer/guitarist/mommy/all around bad ass Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney front woman) debuted a handful of brand-new songs at Holocene during a benefit for the Reading Frenzy bookstore in Portland, Oregon. It was the first new material she'd played in public since Sleater-Kinney hit the dirt in 2006. Now Corin Tucker is prepping her debut solo album, an 11-song project due out later this year!  EEEEEEE!!!  "The Woods" is one of the best albums of all time, and now she's gonna give us more?! EEEEEEE!!

Read bits of her interview w/ the Portland Mercury in the jump!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

OH NO! RIP Malcolm McLaren...

Sad, SAD day, kids. Malcolm McLaren, Sex Pistols manager and ex-partner to Vivien Westwood, passed away this morning in NYC.

This might be a long post: We lost a goodie.

McLaren was probably best known as manager of the legendary UK punk band The Sex Pistols. He gained fame in 1977 when The Sex Pistols’ anti-establishment record 'God Save The Queen' was released during the Queen Liz's silver jubilee. It got banned from the airwaves by both the BBC and the Independent Broadcasting Authority, though it still reached the number 2 spot on the UK pop charts
Born in 1946 in north London, he was raised by his grammie in Stoke Newington. He bounced from home when he was a teen, attending and being expelled from art colleges here and there before FUCK YOU-ing  education altogether in 1971. 

That year was a fateful one for Malcolm McLaren.  He opened a clothes shop called Let It Rock with brilliant avaunt-garde designer Vivienne Westwood on King's Road. Their tiny boutique sold Teddy Boy-style clothes. BTDubs, in 1975 McLaren had renamed the store SEX. It was now selling S&M clothes. Bwhahahahahahaha...

Also in 1975 he began to manage the fledgling punk band The Strand. After his assistant Bernie Rhodes had brought in John Lydon, who he had met hanging around outside the studio sporting a green 'doo and a Pink Floyd T-shirt with the words “I Hate” daubed across it, John Lydon became Johnny Rotten and the band became  The Sex Pistols. 

A solo career, with mixed success, followed. His 1983 album Duck Rock scored two top 10 hits, and is regularly hailed as being one of the significant influence in bringing hip-hop to the masses in the UK. Recently (kinda funny that it happened this way), both Mariah Carey and her spat-in-public buddy Eminem used samples from McLaren's for tracks in songs. 

*sigh* We lost a legend today, peeps.  Everybody should be sad just a little.. RIP Malcolm.  RIP.
Posted by MrP (thanks Squish)

The GORGEOUS Anne Sophie Monrad for Marie Claire Italia

17 year old German model Anne-Sophie Monrad, currently in Milano, stuns it up in Marie Claire Italia's April 2010 Issue (shot by Jacques Olivar).  The shoot looks like Sofia Lauren meets Jane Mansfield meets Madge: The Blonde Ambition Years meets Italian trailer park (in the most darkly GLAM way possible) set in the early '50s.

Working w/ beyond-talented photographers like Ellen von Unwerth (!!!!!!!!), Jacques Olivar and Liz Collin, Anne-Sophie is taking the high-fashion world by storm.  The bitch can WERK, which is hilarious becacuse she's represented by ModelWerks, based in Germany. Get it?? WERK? ModelWerk??  ......Oh, shut up.

Peep her entire book here

via Fashion Layne.

Brooklyn Hates Butt Crack. True story....


These ads, posted on GIANT billboards around New York's Brooklyn, are part of a campaign of NY Senator Eric Adams' launch against butt crack.  I wasn't aware the government was handing out fashion tips? The ass-phobic law makers says this:
"It's part of a larger campaign ... to tell our young people and our community as a whole, we are better than this," Adams told CNN, adding that the sagging trend originated from prison culture. According to the former New York police captain, "I policed all over the city. ... The first indicator of whether a young person was in trouble was the way they dressed." (full article here)
"A young person"?  FUCK. YOU Sen. Adams.  I've seen tons of "old people" looking a MESS on the streets, and I don't think I ever once said, "Oh shit, that guy's future is entirely bleak." I mean, I get it, I do. I get it. Your appearance reflects who you are.  But what if that's exactly who they are?  What if that's their inherit style? You're gonna harass them cause you don't LIKE IT? Gimme a flippin' break.  PLUS, you're gonna make a flash judgment on someone based on how they LOOK?  Fine line, Senator.  Fine line.

And apparently this isn't the first time public officials have tried to step in and make "young men" hike their shit up.  States like Florida, Michigan, and Virginia have all tried their hands at the Swag-not-Sag fight.  All failed attempts BTDubs. BECAUSE IT'S A STUPID WASTE OF MONEY.

Feel free to send the ol' Sennie pooh a letter if you feel so inclined:

NY Sen. Eric Adams
572 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11225
Phone: (718) 284-4700

via WIVB (thanks Mama Mia)


 I just- I can't- I don't know if- WTF?  SERIOUSLY,  Ke¢ha? SERIOUSLY?

"I went to past-life regression therapy and I'm pretty sure I was JFK (John F. Kennedy). He said I was a really successful American man who was assassinated. So who else could it be?" -Ke$ha

Okay. JFKReally? So your second time around was spent as THIS? As the crusty shit stuck on the bottom of Lady Gaga's boot after stomping through the West Village on Halloween SLASH trash-talking FAIL of a pop-star hobag? THAT's how JKF came back?  Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....

Lesson for us all? You become President. You cheat. You become KE¢HA 

Watch it, Tiger. That karma shit's BITCH.

Posted by MrP

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reposting this cause I can. And Cause it's BANGING. "Fembot" by Robyn

Fembot by robyn
Posted by MrP

Rachel Zoe giving up heels.

Haaa, yah right.  Just kidding.  She is, however, joining the growing list of celebrities kicking off their kicks for Tom's Shoes "One Day Without Shoes" campaign, designed to give insight into what it's like to for chil'rens all around the world who have to go without any sort of foot wear. 

Zoe, who started grass-roots style as celeb stylist and is now a self made fashion guru, took to her Twitter (her 'twitter'.. ahahahhahahahaa) to show Tom Tom some support.

Tweets RZ: "Parting with my platforms tomorrow in support of @TOMSshoes' One Day Without Shoes! xoRZ"

Everybody remember to kick their kicks tomorrow!  Even if it's at your desk!  

**DISCLAIMER* Wait- clear that w/ HR first, I am NOT responsible for what happens when shoes come off in public...

via Rachel Zoes' Twitter
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Throw in the Towel: Wednesday April 17, 2010

Mama Monster get's an unexpected dinner guest PCNO Celeb Buzz

BILLY BALDWIN IS GONNA BE A DADDY! ...well sorta... TVFanatic 

BONER. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaaaa. Jk, lookin' good, Matty! ONTD

Tell 'em, Rosie! You tell 'em! TheSuperficial 

If it gets you arrested, honey, you're doing it wrong  DListed

THANK GOD. Good choice, Nicki Minaj.  Good choice. Just Jared

You know there's something wrong when Jimmy Fallon does it bettter than you  Pop Goes The Week

WHY do you keep giving Hohan work? Did Jellystone teach you NOTHING? DO NOT FEED THE BEARS THEY WILL GO AWAY.  Please fix, thanksssss.  In Case You Didn't Know

Wait- so your solution is to make MORE Lohans? WTF?! People

AAAAAAAND I'm done. I just- I just can't. Dlisted

Posted by MrP

Civil rights mafia queen MIA talks Lady Gaga, Google, and future of music

I mean she just get's cooler and cooler and COOLER.

Maya Arulpragasam, better know to the music kids as guerrilla art phenom MIA, sits down w/ NME to discuss politics, Mama Monster, and the current state of music.

She's been through a SHIT storm of municipal red tape over the last 18 months, most likely attributed to her outspokenness towards the Sri Lankan government, publicly accusing them of "genocide" for their part in a 26 year old civil war.  Being stranded in the US w/ a new baby for a year and a half has been taxing on the young superstar.  MIA claims they’ve been “pulling the strings” recently to make life difficult: disappearing visa applications and hacking into her Twitter and email accounts, “wishing all kinds of crazy illness on my baby and stuff like that”.

Okay, Sri Lanka.  Really?  REALLY?  Just let the bitch go home. She's got doobs to roll... AHEM, I mean "paper planes" to fold....

MORE, including newly released song, IN THE JUMP!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jonas Akerlund for V Magazine: Tokyo Hard Core

ON SET: JONAS AKERLAND FOR V64 from V Magazine on Vimeo.

Simply GORGEOUS.  Mama Monster's go-to video director, Jonas Akerlund, helms a photo shoot for V Magazine issue #64 called "Tokyo Hard Core".  Styled by Jay Massacret and photographed by Akerlund, the shoot leads you through a surprisingly dark and harlequin-punk side of your typical Little Tokyo, utilizing shadows and focused light to set a "despair in movement" tone.  Mega Japanese street-style. 

*sigh* Jonas Akerlund. Jay Massacret.  You talented sons of a bitches...

via V Mag

I Can't Go For That, No Can Do.

Dear The Bird and the Bee,


They are MINE. 

The End.


oh and ps- here's what I'm talking about.

WAITFORIT: Don't Cry for Me, Manila!

Alright, alright, alright... So that was the worlds worst title, WHATEVER, we have more important things at hand than pesky, witty one liners!  Such as Imelda Marcos: The Musical!!!!!!!!!!  That's right, everyone's favorite feisty Filipina power-wife has a rock opera of her very own, thanks to Talking Heads legend and all around fucking GENIUS David Byrne and dj SLASH producer SLASH musician Fatboy Slim.

The project, titled "Here Lies Love", features some of the most SLAMMIN' peeps on the block right now, including Sharon Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Santigold, Roisin Murphy and of course, David Byrne himself. 

Says DB on his bizarre choice for content, "The story I am interested in is about asking what drives a powerful person—what makes them tick? How do they make and then remake themselves? I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if—as this piece would be principally composed of clubby dance music—one could experience it in a club setting? Could one bring a ‘story’ and a kind of theater to the disco? Was that possible? If so, wouldn’t that be amazing!"

Uh, YAH.  You can just imagine a young Imelda w/ her childhood care giver, Estrella, TEARING IT UP at some 'mo club in Manila, screaming the lyrics to "I Will Surbibe" (you caught what I did there?) at the top of their lungs, can't you?!  Grab your shoes and raid your Swiss bank accounts, kids, cuz Filipino High Society is here to stay!

Thanks, David Byrne!  Thanks, Meldy Marcos

Here's a preview of "Here Lies Love" for ya:


story via USA TODAY (thanks Squish), track list via David Byrne's Website


I can't even BREATHE I love this so much!  The boots? KILLER.  The coat?  MURDER.  The BAG? Absolutely TWISTED!

*sigh*  Well, when you pack up the Band of Outsiders shit for me, why don't you just go ahead and toss in everything this fierce little asian fellah(?) has on, okay?  Thanksssssss.....

Isn't it funny how androgyny is ALWAYS linked to Mr. Bowie? Werq it, bitch. 

via TheSartorialist

Holy MOONSPOON, Batgirl.... WTF, Sweden?

Untitled from V Magazine on Vimeo.

WHY.  THE FACE.  This is a video made by Danish fashion/design savants Moonspoon Saloon for their Fall 2010 collection.  I'm not really sure what to say about this Gem SLASH Roller-derby SLASH Mama Monster Sex Dream SLASH This Is Why You Don't Drink When You Pop A Vico SLASH Japanese Construction Crew SLASH KISS Reject Member "art project". So I'm not gonna say anything.

Except DAAAAAAAAAAAYMN, Sweden.  You have some crizzle mofos up in your crib, mmmmkay?  Moon Spoon's collection can be found at Seven in New York.  Keep on the peep for V mags collaboration w/ Moonspoon Saloon for their biggest rock acts of Sweden issue.  Should be, uh, interesting?


Alright, I'm not gonna lie.  It's kind of kick ass.  There, ya happy?

collection via Coutorture, story via VMAN

Hey 'member when singers used to sing? BOO, Usher. BOOOOOO....

I swear to RuPaul Imma shoot the guy who invented Auto-tune.  Seriously.  Actually, I think I saw a NOVA special on it or something where this dorky ass guy created it w/ his bestie in a basement or somewhere like that.... Anyholyautotune, this song SUCKS, and I'm not really sure what that skinny Mischa-in-the-good-days lookin' bitch in this video is supposed to be doing?  But it has my girl Nicki in it.  So I love it?  But it sucks? But I've looped it like 30 times today (stop looking at me like that)? DILEMMAAAAAAAAAA

Save yourselves some time, fast forward to 3:25, watch Nicki Minaj's part and then bounce.  Cuz yah.  "Menagie", Usher?  Really? "MENAGIE"? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....

Robyn has 3 albums to release this year...

Earlier last week, I posted the new slammah-jamnah "Fembot" by Robyn. The first album is it to be titled Body Talk Pt 1, and will feature 8 new tracks from Robyn, including ‘Fembot’ and ‘Dance Hall Queen’, produced by Diplo. Royksopp, Klas Ahlund, long-time collaborator Kleerup and more are also on board.
Says the baddest bitch in pop about her upcoming THREE albums, "I got all these great songs so why not? It’s been 5 years since Robyn and I didn’t want to wait with a release until they are all recorded, so I decided to start putting them out right away. I also can’t wait to play live again and this enables me to tour and record at the same time. I just want to keep making music."
 Body Talk Pt 1 is set to be released on June 7, 2010 w/ the single 'Dance on my Own' releasing the same day.  Beyond excited, it's been waaaaaaaaay too long, Roby-poo!  Imma TEAR. IT . UP. WAITFORIT.

via FactMag (thanks Squish)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cy Choi makes me wanna pee my pants...

For those of you who don't know who Cy Choi is, I present to you: Cy Choi A/W 2010 Collection!  Based on the many ways to interpret the word "interject", designer Chul Young Choi completely tears it up.  Literally.  Sleeves from one piece, combine w/ cuff and lapels of others. Always wanted a cardigan laddened w/ POCKETS to stash your.. uh... STASH?  Well Cy Choi has just the thing for you!

His mish-mash of textures, patterns, cuts and POCKETS are fucking brilliant. The collection is ridiculously cohesive for how many directions the clothes seem to be pulling you...

Basically, this bitch has the designer-styled fashion shit on lock.  Outlandish and loud still gets you a voice in fashion, and brothah face is a' SCREAMIN'.  Mama Monster's Haus would SHIT. A BRICK. 

Feel free to pick out your fav 'fit here and buy it for me.  No, no!  Don't worry about it...  I'll totally let you buy me things!  Think: ALL OF IT.

via TheFashionisto

Holy Moly.

Scared of THIS hussie.  Blood-red Lanvin? Hermes clutch? And her kicks?  GET OUT.

You're absolutely killing it, Anna.  MURDER.

via The Sartorialist

Throw in the Towel: Monday April 5th, 2010

Easter got the Hipster treatment... Not gonna lie, RB is KINDA pretty effin' hot... via Just Jared

What a BIZARRE thing to say. Jamie Foxx: BUT I'M NOT GAY!  I JUST LIKE TO EAT PIZZA IN BATHHOUSES! ....or something like that. via Towleroad

ATTENTION ASIANS: Tyrese wants you to know the line to get popped in the face like Snooki starts to your left.  They should get George Takei for that shit.  Seriously.  via Popeater

Speaking of, U of Michigan just swore in it's first homo Student Body President.  Glitter just rained down on all of Detroit Metro.  GAAAAAAAAAAY!  via MichiganDaily

Heidi Klum likes to let her boobie swing in the wind! via Celebrity-gossip

I mean, come on.  Does Megan Fox REALLY not understand that she got sloppy seconds?  via ImNotObsessed

Wanda Sykes spoofs Erykah Badu's Video "Window Seat"


via OMG Blog

'Precious' to host SNL w/ MGMT as mucial guest

EEEEE!  So according to her FaceBook page, 'Precious' star and OSCAR ROBBED (there. i said it. AND YES, Sandra. I'M LOOKING AT YOU) Gabby Sidibe will be hosting Saturday Night Live on April 24, 2010 w/ musical guest MGMT!

Earlier this week Gabs took to her FB page and wrote: "So the rumors are true.  Exciting things are happening!" in response to confirmation she received that she will be hosting w/ the indie rock darlings later this month.

Get your TiVo revved up, kids.  This should be a good one!  (click here to view MGMT's video for their new single, "Flash Delirium" from their upcoming album "Congratulations", release date slated for Spring 2010... )

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Elton John wants to do duet w/ Lady Gaga for "Bond" soundtrack?

'She's fantastic and it would be amazing to do a duet,' so says the singer who once collaborated with GaGa at the Grammys.

Earlier this week, the twits were a'buzzin after rumours started flying around that sleep starved Lady Gaga is considering lending her artistic abilities, aka exhaustion-induced insanity, to the title song of the upcoming James Bond 2011 film's title track Bond 23.  Being the Queen of the Opportunistic 'Mos that he is (meant in the most reverent and glitter covered way possible, Sir. John), this pearl-studded clutch fell from Elton John's open mouth to say, "I'm really pleased that Lady Gaga is up for the theme tune" and that "She's fantastic, and it would be amazing to do a duet".  MMMMMMMhmmmmmmm.  Tryin' to sneak in a little Bondy Bond Bond time w/ Mama Monster, are ya?  I'm on to you, Elton.  I'm on to you.

See the expanded story here!  WARNING: There are talks of SUSAN BOYLE in there.  "SCURRY" is RIGHT.

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Did you know Jimmy Franco's brother looked like this?

Yah. Cuz I didn't.  Well, I guess I did, but I didn't know they were fam?  What a gorgeous family.

Here's Jimmy's bro, Dave Franco, looking sessy in a photo shoot for American sportwear label Band of Outsiders' Spring 2010 Look Book w/ Don Glover (NBC's Community) and Leslie Mann (All Kinds of Shit), along w/ photos of celebrities from past campaigns.

 Band of Outsiders is OFF THE HOOK.  Take a peek at their A/W 2010 collection.  HAUTENESS. 

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aubrey O'day is an IDIOT.

I feel like the oldest person on Earth right now because I have NO clue who this bitch is.  I do know, however, that she's an idiot.  Oh, did you guys not get the memo?  Global Warming now causes tectonic plates to shift!  Whoopie!


Man these quakes are crazy... Its hard not to feel like our environment is disturbed with what we've let it become. about 7 hours ago via UberTwitter
Seriously, though.  She's an idiot. WTF, Aubrey O'Day.  WTF.   
Hope that damage down in Baja is minimal!  

TRUE BLOOD "Waiting Sucks" Season 3 Promo Vid

Oh, the sound of a screaming bartender from Bon Temps being chased through a one hundred year old home by a hot vampire, how I've missed you... HBO's TRUE BLOOD  returns June 13!!!  I can't wait! Waiting totally sucks!

I wonder if they're gonna let Sookie use any of her new lady-on-lady powers in the story line.  Bill must be PISSED.  I mean, can you imagine?  "Yah, I'm still totally w/ this guy, but being w/ him made me realize that I KIIIINDA like the vag, too..."  Talk about a low blow, Sookie.  IWOULDJUSTDIE. Although I'm sure Bill (yes I'm aware that's not really his name, vampires have to protect their identity from vampire hunters, okay? I know how it is. I watched Buffy. DUH.) wouldn't mind watching a little lesbian Sookie Sookie (BWHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA)....

Anywho, bunker down, little blood suckers.  It's gonna be a long two months....

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Did you know that Bum Bitches come from planet Bum? Cuz Nicki did...

I heart me some Nicki Minaj, I do.  HOWEVER, sister face needs to stop w/ the multitasking next time she tries to spout off a four minute response to whoever these "Bum Bitches from Planet Bum" (her words, not mine, although I'm totally stealing it)  happen to be.  Did you not see that PBS special on how nobody in the world can actually multitask? True story.  I was listening to a story about it on NPR the other day, too, so it GOSTA be the truth.  That reminds me, where the hell did I put my headphones..... I wonder if I put them in my bag w/ my ipod, cuz I think I lost it last week.... Oh yeah, I wanted to check my bag for those AA batteries I just bought too... And I totally meant to call... Wait- shit, SEE!

AHEM.  Like I was saying, who's gonna take you seriously when it takes you 9.5 days to cut a bitch?  The lesson here: if you're gettin' thrown some mega shade, fuck a bitch up w/ the quickness.  Nobody wants to have to wait for the smack down, mmmkay?  The end.

Who? Exactly.

So apparently I've been living under a rock, and I've missed the hoopla surrounding the BBC cult hit, Doctor Who, and APPARENTLY they've got a new guy (Matt Smith, above dressed as the worlds laziest drag queen) playing the ol' alien doctor who is called the Time Lord?  And APPARENTLY the Time Lord travels around space SLASH time in his ship call the T.A.R.D.I.S. (YOU CAN'T SAY THAT), which looks like a Honey Bucket porta-potty?   And I guess he hops around space SLASH time in the T.A.R.D.I.S. (YOU STILL CAN'T SAY THAT) on special missions where he meets Charles Dickens, and travels thru time to the Destruction of the Earth, and saves a bitch from killer plastic mannequins?  All while CGI from the '80s brings to life aliens in zipper suits and killer clouds of extraterrestrial lady bugs? Yah, I don't get it.  You know how the Brits love their violent crime SLASH melodrama SLASH sci-fi SLASH time travelers in drag type of shows... It sounds like a string of Lost episodes on space-time continuum crack. .......wait.........

BUT I have it on good authority (aka Squish's brother at Easter dinner between wine bottles 2 and 3) that the show is BANGIN'.  And for all you peeps that find yourselves in need of new Dr. Who life sized cardboard cutouts because the "new doctor" launch party you threw last night got kind of out of hand, you are in luck.  There are other people dorkier than you, who make their money off of people dumber than them.  I present to you: DR.WHO RETAIL ZEN.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peep these Ferragamo Studded Githa tires...

Um okay.  So the scales are each held open by a BEAD??? In each SCALE? SHUT. UP.  Salvatore Ferragamo wins.  Forever.  Towel thrown.  Good night.  Oh and ps- they're on sale?  I know, right- GET OUT.  Peep the deets here: click

Awe man, you bitches always get the rad kicks....

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First Single from Nicki Minaj "Massive Attack" (VIDEO)

Here it is: Nicki Minaj's first single of her very own! She looks crazy good, and her rhymes are RIDIC.  Fingers tightly crossed for the rest of her album...

Anybody see that episode of X-Files where that one guy sucks peoples pigment outta their bodies through a spike or something that he keeps in his throat?  And if he doesn't get their pigment in time, he turns all pale and crazy? Yah.  Those creepy guys in the vid look like him.

Anywho.... Harajuku, BITCHES.  Yippie! Nicki Minaj!

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OKAY- so I'm confused.  Normally, a hot tranny mess w/ a freshly scalped Big Bird SLASH  amazing future Aretha Franklin outfit draped over her shoulders (you see what i did there?), coming at me waiving a mic, and exhaling loudly though her nostrils would send me into a panic... But- I find my self strangely intrigued by this be-feathered gem of a stage artiste.  I mean, WTF. THE BITCH SOUNDS JUST LIKE A HORSE.  That's straight crizz.  Simply amazing!

ps- we all know you're trying to make those sounds right now.  don't front.  

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The most killingest pop star on the planet gives us "Fembot"

Fembot by robyn

If you haven't already played it eight BAZILLION times straight loop-style on your ipod so loud that the bitchy queen next to you on the bus who hasn't had his morning coffee keeps giving you death eyes (don't look at me, I have no idea what you're talking about), then you haven't the faintest clue what you've been missing on my bitch Robyn's brilliant self titled 2007 album. Luckily, her new single "Fembot" is here to save your way-behind-the-cool-train ass.  It's teched-out percussive set is SICK, and she absolutely TEARS IT UP in the hook.  So excited for her album in June!

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