Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy MOONSPOON, Batgirl.... WTF, Sweden?

Untitled from V Magazine on Vimeo.

WHY.  THE FACE.  This is a video made by Danish fashion/design savants Moonspoon Saloon for their Fall 2010 collection.  I'm not really sure what to say about this Gem SLASH Roller-derby SLASH Mama Monster Sex Dream SLASH This Is Why You Don't Drink When You Pop A Vico SLASH Japanese Construction Crew SLASH KISS Reject Member "art project". So I'm not gonna say anything.

Except DAAAAAAAAAAAYMN, Sweden.  You have some crizzle mofos up in your crib, mmmmkay?  Moon Spoon's collection can be found at Seven in New York.  Keep on the peep for V mags collaboration w/ Moonspoon Saloon for their biggest rock acts of Sweden issue.  Should be, uh, interesting?


Alright, I'm not gonna lie.  It's kind of kick ass.  There, ya happy?

collection via Coutorture, story via VMAN

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