Monday, April 5, 2010

Throw in the Towel: Monday April 5th, 2010

Easter got the Hipster treatment... Not gonna lie, RB is KINDA pretty effin' hot... via Just Jared

What a BIZARRE thing to say. Jamie Foxx: BUT I'M NOT GAY!  I JUST LIKE TO EAT PIZZA IN BATHHOUSES! ....or something like that. via Towleroad

ATTENTION ASIANS: Tyrese wants you to know the line to get popped in the face like Snooki starts to your left.  They should get George Takei for that shit.  Seriously.  via Popeater

Speaking of, U of Michigan just swore in it's first homo Student Body President.  Glitter just rained down on all of Detroit Metro.  GAAAAAAAAAAY!  via MichiganDaily

Heidi Klum likes to let her boobie swing in the wind! via Celebrity-gossip

I mean, come on.  Does Megan Fox REALLY not understand that she got sloppy seconds?  via ImNotObsessed

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