Friday, April 9, 2010

Corin Tucker's First Solo Album After Sleater-Kinney

In March of 2009, singer/guitarist/mommy/all around bad ass Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney front woman) debuted a handful of brand-new songs at Holocene during a benefit for the Reading Frenzy bookstore in Portland, Oregon. It was the first new material she'd played in public since Sleater-Kinney hit the dirt in 2006. Now Corin Tucker is prepping her debut solo album, an 11-song project due out later this year!  EEEEEEE!!!  "The Woods" is one of the best albums of all time, and now she's gonna give us more?! EEEEEEE!!

Read bits of her interview w/ the Portland Mercury in the jump!

Corin's recording it at Little Golden Book Studio in Northeast Portland, which is actually the home of Seth Lorinczi and Julianna Bright—better known as the Golden Bears. Along w/ the music-scene giants of Portland, Tucker is teaming up w/ former band mate and percussionist Janet Weiss to produce an album that is "definitely more of a middle-aged mom record, in a way. It's not a record that a young person would write."

Hmm, I'm not sure how to feel about "middle aged mom record". I swear to RuPaul, if you show up in granny panties, mom jeans, and an embroidered sweatshirt that says "I Left my Heart in ORLANDO, FLORIDA" on it, Imma quit you Corin Tucker.  I'M NOT. JOKING.

Says Tucker taking it slow after S-K: "I've been fortunate enough to do music as a career, and that was really fantastic, but it's a pretty grueling schedule. The amount of touring that most bands need to do is pretty intense. With this, we're doing a creative project, with a really low budget, on a really small scale, and [we'll] do a handful of shows to have people hear about the record."

On touring again (!!!!!): "We are definitely going to do some shows. I think our vague plan is to do a little bit on the West Coast and a little bit on the East Coast, and see what happens. The jackpot would be to do some great festivals, to go somewhere really cool and play."

On her new sound: "It's definitely my voice and my songwriting style. But like I said, it's different instrumentation on some of the songs and a different collaboration. Seth's producing and arranging things, so that's different, too. It may be more traditional with some of the arrangements."

On possible S-K reunion: "You know, I'd love to live a long productive life and do a lot of different things. This has been the challenge of trying different musical styles, and I'd like to do more of that—regardless of Sleater-Kinney or other projects."

Corin Tucker's album is wrapping up production by June 2010 and should be hitting stores by October of the same year... SO excited!

via The Portland Mercury (click for full article)

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