Monday, April 5, 2010

Elton John wants to do duet w/ Lady Gaga for "Bond" soundtrack?

'She's fantastic and it would be amazing to do a duet,' so says the singer who once collaborated with GaGa at the Grammys.

Earlier this week, the twits were a'buzzin after rumours started flying around that sleep starved Lady Gaga is considering lending her artistic abilities, aka exhaustion-induced insanity, to the title song of the upcoming James Bond 2011 film's title track Bond 23.  Being the Queen of the Opportunistic 'Mos that he is (meant in the most reverent and glitter covered way possible, Sir. John), this pearl-studded clutch fell from Elton John's open mouth to say, "I'm really pleased that Lady Gaga is up for the theme tune" and that "She's fantastic, and it would be amazing to do a duet".  MMMMMMMhmmmmmmm.  Tryin' to sneak in a little Bondy Bond Bond time w/ Mama Monster, are ya?  I'm on to you, Elton.  I'm on to you.

See the expanded story here!  WARNING: There are talks of SUSAN BOYLE in there.  "SCURRY" is RIGHT.

via AceShowbiz

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