Monday, April 5, 2010

Cy Choi makes me wanna pee my pants...

For those of you who don't know who Cy Choi is, I present to you: Cy Choi A/W 2010 Collection!  Based on the many ways to interpret the word "interject", designer Chul Young Choi completely tears it up.  Literally.  Sleeves from one piece, combine w/ cuff and lapels of others. Always wanted a cardigan laddened w/ POCKETS to stash your.. uh... STASH?  Well Cy Choi has just the thing for you!

His mish-mash of textures, patterns, cuts and POCKETS are fucking brilliant. The collection is ridiculously cohesive for how many directions the clothes seem to be pulling you...

Basically, this bitch has the designer-styled fashion shit on lock.  Outlandish and loud still gets you a voice in fashion, and brothah face is a' SCREAMIN'.  Mama Monster's Haus would SHIT. A BRICK. 

Feel free to pick out your fav 'fit here and buy it for me.  No, no!  Don't worry about it...  I'll totally let you buy me things!  Think: ALL OF IT.

via TheFashionisto

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