Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Throw in the Towel: Wednesday April 17, 2010

Mama Monster get's an unexpected dinner guest PCNO Celeb Buzz

BILLY BALDWIN IS GONNA BE A DADDY! ...well sorta... TVFanatic 

BONER. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaaaa. Jk, lookin' good, Matty! ONTD

Tell 'em, Rosie! You tell 'em! TheSuperficial 

If it gets you arrested, honey, you're doing it wrong  DListed

THANK GOD. Good choice, Nicki Minaj.  Good choice. Just Jared

You know there's something wrong when Jimmy Fallon does it bettter than you  Pop Goes The Week

WHY do you keep giving Hohan work? Did Jellystone teach you NOTHING? DO NOT FEED THE BEARS THEY WILL GO AWAY.  Please fix, thanksssss.  In Case You Didn't Know

Wait- so your solution is to make MORE Lohans? WTF?! People

AAAAAAAND I'm done. I just- I just can't. Dlisted

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