Monday, April 5, 2010

'Precious' to host SNL w/ MGMT as mucial guest

EEEEE!  So according to her FaceBook page, 'Precious' star and OSCAR ROBBED (there. i said it. AND YES, Sandra. I'M LOOKING AT YOU) Gabby Sidibe will be hosting Saturday Night Live on April 24, 2010 w/ musical guest MGMT!

Earlier this week Gabs took to her FB page and wrote: "So the rumors are true.  Exciting things are happening!" in response to confirmation she received that she will be hosting w/ the indie rock darlings later this month.

Get your TiVo revved up, kids.  This should be a good one!  (click here to view MGMT's video for their new single, "Flash Delirium" from their upcoming album "Congratulations", release date slated for Spring 2010... )

via JustJared

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