Sunday, April 4, 2010

TRUE BLOOD "Waiting Sucks" Season 3 Promo Vid

Oh, the sound of a screaming bartender from Bon Temps being chased through a one hundred year old home by a hot vampire, how I've missed you... HBO's TRUE BLOOD  returns June 13!!!  I can't wait! Waiting totally sucks!

I wonder if they're gonna let Sookie use any of her new lady-on-lady powers in the story line.  Bill must be PISSED.  I mean, can you imagine?  "Yah, I'm still totally w/ this guy, but being w/ him made me realize that I KIIIINDA like the vag, too..."  Talk about a low blow, Sookie.  IWOULDJUSTDIE. Although I'm sure Bill (yes I'm aware that's not really his name, vampires have to protect their identity from vampire hunters, okay? I know how it is. I watched Buffy. DUH.) wouldn't mind watching a little lesbian Sookie Sookie (BWHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA)....

Anywho, bunker down, little blood suckers.  It's gonna be a long two months....

via ONTD

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