Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who? Exactly.

So apparently I've been living under a rock, and I've missed the hoopla surrounding the BBC cult hit, Doctor Who, and APPARENTLY they've got a new guy (Matt Smith, above dressed as the worlds laziest drag queen) playing the ol' alien doctor who is called the Time Lord?  And APPARENTLY the Time Lord travels around space SLASH time in his ship call the T.A.R.D.I.S. (YOU CAN'T SAY THAT), which looks like a Honey Bucket porta-potty?   And I guess he hops around space SLASH time in the T.A.R.D.I.S. (YOU STILL CAN'T SAY THAT) on special missions where he meets Charles Dickens, and travels thru time to the Destruction of the Earth, and saves a bitch from killer plastic mannequins?  All while CGI from the '80s brings to life aliens in zipper suits and killer clouds of extraterrestrial lady bugs? Yah, I don't get it.  You know how the Brits love their violent crime SLASH melodrama SLASH sci-fi SLASH time travelers in drag type of shows... It sounds like a string of Lost episodes on space-time continuum crack. .......wait.........

BUT I have it on good authority (aka Squish's brother at Easter dinner between wine bottles 2 and 3) that the show is BANGIN'.  And for all you peeps that find yourselves in need of new Dr. Who life sized cardboard cutouts because the "new doctor" launch party you threw last night got kind of out of hand, you are in luck.  There are other people dorkier than you, who make their money off of people dumber than them.  I present to you: DR.WHO RETAIL ZEN.

(thanks LUKE)

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