Friday, April 9, 2010

Get her, Nicki. Get her.

So apparently this whole Rihanna/Ke¢ha/Nicki Minaj(hey gurrl) "Last Girl Alive...or Standing...or Around... or something like that" Tour, aka "Rihanna needs money and Ke¢ha needs to be liked", got a little more complicated than the studio execs thought it would.

A source close to Young Money, Nicki's man-crew, says that shit got ugly when Rihanna demanded that the breakout female rapper either be the opening act, or be removed from the tour completely.  An insider source close to the tour says this:
“No one [in Rihanna's camp] is panicking yet, but there is DEEP concern that Rihanna has peaked, and is on the downside of her music career. Nicki [Minaj] was brought in to sell tickets, but Rihanna did NOT want her on. Nicki is not an opening act, and we would never put her out there like that.”
This insider also had this to say about what went down when Nicki Minaj (hey gurrl) PERSONALLY called Rihanna upon receiving news that she was yanked:
“I only heard one side of the conversation, but [there] were a lot of curse words thrown back and forth.”

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