Monday, April 12, 2010

iamamiwhoami Music Video- "O"

I don't even know where to begin w/ this...

So this is the video for "O" from the anonymous  group (yes, we really don't know who they are) calling themselves iamamiwhoami...  The song sounds like a Bat for Lashes record, mixed w/ a little Kate Bush, and a shot of The Knife.  VERY, interesting... GOOD, but interesting... 

ZERO is known about them except that it's rumoured the woman featured in their videos is Jonna Lee, a 29 year old Swedish musician.  Like I said, mega mystery, so I'mma do my best to fill you in... More info about iamamiwhoami in the jump...

Click the jump to read more, and see some clips!

On 4 December 2009, a mysterious clip less than a minute long appeared on YouTube, titled w/ a strange string of numbers and released by a group calling themselves iamamiwhoami. The video immediately caught the attention of well know industry bloggers and music journalists and started a fire-storm of intrigue, basically a viral explosion.

The clip was followed by another, then another, and then another, for a total of seven bizarre short clips.  Each of the clips was titled w/ serials numbers, instead of letters.  The serial numbers were eventually translated into alpha-numberic code, and each spell out  "educational", "I am", "its me", "mandragora", and "officinarum".  Each of the first six clips closes with a drawing of an animal– a goat, an owl, a whale, an bee, a llama, and a monkey. The seventh video features a woman covered in plastic from head to toe playing the electric organ.


The music is, for lack of a better word, INTERESTING mix of electro, alt rock, and experimental sounds, layered w/ an often distorted and sometimes muted vocal track, provided by the mystery lady covered in plastic. (Heidi Montag, is that you, bitch?)

To date, iamamiwhoami has released seven short videos, the first six videos featuring a kinky as hell slime-covered girl, "a dendrophiliac’s wet dream, loaded with images of a mud-smeared woman licking a tree and some strangely sexualized sap."

I mean, the more I watched them, the cooler and more coohesive they became...  Give it a try!  Watch them all here.

Drop the shroud, Jonna Lee!  I wanna hear the entire album already!!

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