Thursday, April 8, 2010

OH NO! RIP Malcolm McLaren...

Sad, SAD day, kids. Malcolm McLaren, Sex Pistols manager and ex-partner to Vivien Westwood, passed away this morning in NYC.

This might be a long post: We lost a goodie.

McLaren was probably best known as manager of the legendary UK punk band The Sex Pistols. He gained fame in 1977 when The Sex Pistols’ anti-establishment record 'God Save The Queen' was released during the Queen Liz's silver jubilee. It got banned from the airwaves by both the BBC and the Independent Broadcasting Authority, though it still reached the number 2 spot on the UK pop charts
Born in 1946 in north London, he was raised by his grammie in Stoke Newington. He bounced from home when he was a teen, attending and being expelled from art colleges here and there before FUCK YOU-ing  education altogether in 1971. 

That year was a fateful one for Malcolm McLaren.  He opened a clothes shop called Let It Rock with brilliant avaunt-garde designer Vivienne Westwood on King's Road. Their tiny boutique sold Teddy Boy-style clothes. BTDubs, in 1975 McLaren had renamed the store SEX. It was now selling S&M clothes. Bwhahahahahahaha...

Also in 1975 he began to manage the fledgling punk band The Strand. After his assistant Bernie Rhodes had brought in John Lydon, who he had met hanging around outside the studio sporting a green 'doo and a Pink Floyd T-shirt with the words “I Hate” daubed across it, John Lydon became Johnny Rotten and the band became  The Sex Pistols. 

A solo career, with mixed success, followed. His 1983 album Duck Rock scored two top 10 hits, and is regularly hailed as being one of the significant influence in bringing hip-hop to the masses in the UK. Recently (kinda funny that it happened this way), both Mariah Carey and her spat-in-public buddy Eminem used samples from McLaren's for tracks in songs. 

*sigh* We lost a legend today, peeps.  Everybody should be sad just a little.. RIP Malcolm.  RIP.
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