Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wanna Buy a Week With Anna Wintour?

It'll set you back a smooth 17,500 bones, and offered by Anna herself.  Too much? Alright how 'bout dinner w/ Vera Wang and a $10,000 credit to her store for $15,000?  Still no dice? Well then, what about a bespoke suit, custom fitted by Stella McCartney for only $7,500? No?

Hmmm. Weird. is teaming together w/ Vogue to raise funds through an auction for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights,  and these were only a few item on a list of straight drool-worthiness up for grabs in honor of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary.

If your tastes are more Italian, how about two front row tickets to Missoni's next show, PLUS lunch and a fitting with Angela Missoni? Oh, were you really looking for all balls-out glamour?  You can snag a fitting with, and dress from, Armani for next year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party–because the winner gets two tickets to that, too.

Oh, fashion peeps. How I hate each and everyone of you...



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