Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey 'member when singers used to sing? BOO, Usher. BOOOOOO....

I swear to RuPaul Imma shoot the guy who invented Auto-tune.  Seriously.  Actually, I think I saw a NOVA special on it or something where this dorky ass guy created it w/ his bestie in a basement or somewhere like that.... Anyholyautotune, this song SUCKS, and I'm not really sure what that skinny Mischa-in-the-good-days lookin' bitch in this video is supposed to be doing?  But it has my girl Nicki in it.  So I love it?  But it sucks? But I've looped it like 30 times today (stop looking at me like that)? DILEMMAAAAAAAAAA

Save yourselves some time, fast forward to 3:25, watch Nicki Minaj's part and then bounce.  Cuz yah.  "Menagie", Usher?  Really? "MENAGIE"? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....

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